Get this from a library! Bumi manusia: sebuah roman. [Pramoedya Ananta Toer]. Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer 5 . This Earth of Mankind is the first novel of the Buru Quartet, so called because it. Bumi manusia: sebuah roman. byToer, Pramoedya Ananta, First novel of Buru Quartet from the infamous of mega novelist.

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Bumi manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, , Hasta Mitra edition, in Indonesian - Cet. ke Author of Perburuan, Bumi manusia, Jejak langkah, Rumah kaca, Anak semua Pramoedya Ananta Toer was born in Blora, Java, which was part of the Dutch He wrote his first major novel, The Fugitive, while in prison. Bumi manusia - Pramoedya ananta toer Book Collection, Love Reading, Chain Mail, Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Issues of Our Time) (eBook.

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Bumi manusia: Pramoedya Ananta Toer Publisher: Hasta Mitra, Indonesian View all editions and formats Rating: Subjects Indonesia -- History -- -- Fiction.

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Bumi manusia

In conducting the analysis, cultural and historical background will be applied in the thesis along with the discussion of the subaltern women in a colonized country established by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.

This research applies qualitative method which means that the data is taken from the novel itself which is This Earth of Mankind, both digital and non-digital library research, journals, and other resources which are appropriate in conducting the analysis. Subaltern, colonialism, feudalism, oppression, feminism, awareness.

Background of the Study The Dutch entered Indonesia for the first time in the late 16th century under the command of Cornelis de Houtman. They landed at Java, precisely in Batavia which used to be called Jacatra Taylor 1. At that time, Batavia was only a small harbour which was famous for its black-pepper, a kind of spice which was rare in Europe and thus had very high value.

Since that, a lot of Dutch merchants stopped by at Batavia to do trade or only to refill their fuel. In her book that has been translated to Indonesian, Kehidupan Sosial di Batavia, Taylor states that one of several things which commonly occurs during a colonization is prostitution Taylor due to the lack of the number of European women and the terms and conditions that were established by the Dutch government that only unmarried Dutch men who could apply for a position in VOC Darmarastri 7.


This then led the Dutch men in to looking at the native women as one alternative to fulfil their sexual need. Since the number of European women was particularly low, VOC employees and other European men in Batavia companied themselves with the local women. Cruetzberg and L. Also according to Taylor, during the period, the Dutch has shown their characteristic which then becomes a habit in their communal in Asia, a habit which does not exist back in their homeland; having slaves and making the native women as a fulfilment of their sexual desire Taylor 3.

Plenty of the native women were taken as a household slave by the Dutch men. A household slave was like a maid that had to take care of the household works such as: cleaning the house, cooking and feed the cattle. This kind of slavery did not end even after the VOC was dismissed. Later on, the governor took over the producing and exporting of the tropical trading crops while the priyayi high noble Javanese took care of the obliged works Toer This is actually the beginning of mutual relationship between the Dutch colonialism and the Javanese feudalism in Java.

The Dutch government tried to change and fix the systems that was established by VOC. However, women slavery did not end.

The native women then would be given an authority to take care of the house and the servants of the Dutch men. A nyai usually came from the lower class due to their poor condition. During their colonization, the Dutch made it almost impossible for the indigenous people to make their fortune, thus being a nyai seemed like a promising choice Darmarastri The lower class Javanese people believed that a nyai would have stability in economy and higher status in the society.

However, not every nyai came from the lower class, some were from the middle and upper class Javanese. Kebanyakan perempuan yang menjadi nyai berasal dari keluarga petani maupun keluarga kelas bawah lainnya yang dijual orang tua mereka untuk mencukupi kebutuhan ekonomi keluarga.

Ada juga diantara nyai itu yang berasal dari keluarga priyayi.

This Earth of Mankind (Buru Quartet) ebook downloads

Nyai yang berasal dari keluarga priyayi ini biasanya diserahkan ayahnya kepada orang Belanda ataupun orang Eropa lainnya untuk mengamankan kedudukan dan jabatan sang ayah However, some of them were from the high noble Javanese families. Moreover, a Dutch man usually would abandone his concubine when they got back to Netherland or decided to marry a decent Dutch woman Taylor Whenever their masters leave them, these nyai lost everything; the house, the fortune and even their own children.

Therefore, every time a Dutch man married a Dutch woman, he had to bring his children that he had with his nyai along with him. These children had to stay with their new Dutch family which was unwillingly to accept them Taylor In the 19th century, Javanese culture placed women under men in every aspect of life. As a religius figure, a king has a full authority to demand service and absolute obedience from his wife, children and people, and anyone who was not obedient is a sinner and therefore must be prosecuted Novianto and Handayani This believe that king has a full authority over his people was adopted and practised by Javanese people.

Javanese aristocrats, also known as the priyayi, belonged to the dominant class for decades. When the Dutch came to Indonesia there was a mutual relationship between the Dutch and the priyayi.

The Dutch government cooperated with the priyayi, or what they refer as the noble savages, in order to legitimize their power over the land.

Bumi Manusia

There are a lot of stories about nyai and their miserable life, however the story of Nyai Ontosoroh, a character of a nyai created by Pramodeya Ananta Toer in his novel entitled This Earth of Mankind is different from most other stories.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer is considered as one of the most influential Indonesian novelist. Although he had experienced a lot of difficulty by being imprisoned by the colonial government for his role in the Indonesian revolution, then by Soekarno and Soeharto as a political prisoner, he never stopped writing. Minke falls in love with their daughter, Annelies, whom he eventually marries in an Islamic wedding in accordance with "native" customs, but which, according to Dutch law, has no legal validity because it was conducted without the consent of the under-aged Annelies' legal, Dutch, guardians.

In that period, it was common for women to become the concubines of Dutch men living in the East Indies. They were considered to have low morals because of their status as concubines, even if, as in Nyai Ontosoro's case, they had no choice in the matter.

Their children had uncertain legal status - either considered illegitimate "natives" with a corresponding lack of legal rights, unless legally acknowledged by their father, in which case they were considered "Indos", and their mother lost all rights over them in favor of the father.

As a concubine, Nyai Ontosoro suffers because of her low status and lack of rights, but, significantly, is aware of the injustice of her suffering and believes education is the route by which her basic humanity can be acknowledged. She believes that learning is the key to opposing indignity, stupidity, and poverty. However, the decision to have the children of their relationship legally acknowledged as Herman Mellema's children has catastrophic consequences by the end of the book.

For Pramoedya, education is the key to changing one's fate. For instance, Nyai Ontosoro, who had no formal schooling and who was educated by her experiences, from books, and from her daily life, was a far more inspiring educator than Minke's high school teachers.

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However, This Earth of Mankind also powerfully portrays the reality of Dutch colonial government in Indonesia through the lives of the characters, where Minke's education and Nyai Ontosoro's success in business count for little when ranged against the unyielding Dutch colonial law. Published by ex-political prisoners[ edit ] After release from detention in April , Hasjim Rachman , the former editor of the Eastern Star and Pramoedya met with Joesoef Isak , a former journalist of the Merdeka newspaper who had been detained in Salemba prison.

After various discussion, an agreement was reached to publish works by ex-political prisoners that had not previously been welcomed by other publishers. Pramoedya began working hard to sort through the papers that he had managed to retrieve from the island of Buru. Nearly all the original manuscript had been detained by the prison officials and had not been returned.It was on the Island of Buru that he composed his most famous work, the Buru Quartet. Apa kurang bagus pemberian orangtuamu, ha?

Their education is that of the West but their heart and morals remained Javanese.

Keluarga Gerilya by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Those who still wield power in the institutions of the literary establishment still minimise reference to him. Pram bertutur dengan sangat nyaman dan mengalir. Edited by Open Library Bot.

In the s, he took a literary history teaching position at Universitas Res Publica.

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